MS Bike: High Praise for CRE Team

At the CRE we are very proud of the accomplishments and tireless efforts our team delivers to ensure our partners and their guests  have the greatest experience during their events.
As a team we pride ourselves on our customer service,creating great experiences while staying behind the scenes.
This past weekend we had the privilege of again hosting the MS Bike Tour, and we wanted to share a testimonial about our team:
Dear Paula,
Another MS Bike has come and gone, I cannot believe it. I cannot thank you guys enough for your amazing work over the weekend.
I take every opportunity to brag to my colleagues across the country how amazing our venue is in Camrose and how amazing the staff is.
Not only is the CRE a great venue but you and the staff there are what make it so special. Please extend my sincere thanks to the rest of your team for their hard work and positive, support attitudes.
I know Dallas and Julie think the world of you guys and you really make our jobs so much easier when we show up.
Abbey Elzen-Koehli Manager, Development, MS Bike Tours | Alberta & Northwest Territories Division