CRE Team

Team & Management

Whatever event you bring to the table, the Management and Staff of the CRE is experienced enough to take it on. Led by Executive Director, Dianne Kohler, our team of 10 dedicated people have been involved in everything from cattle sales to major music festivals…and just about everything in between. So, whether you are planning a major event that thousands will attend, or an intimate event for a handful of people, we at the CRE can help you every step of the way.

Dianne Kohler
Dianne Kohler<br><strong>Executive Director<strong>
Tammy Wollman
Tammy Wollman<br><strong>Finance Manager<strong>
Shawna Horrell
Shawna Horrell<br><strong>Client Coordinator<strong>
Megan Lethbridge <br><strong>Agriculture Liaison <strong>
Jamie Finnegan
Jamie Finnegan<br><strong>Operations<strong>
Ken McTavish
Ken McTavish<br><strong>Operations<strong>
´╗┐Robert Loiselle
Robert Loiselle<br><strong>Operations<strong>
Alex Wancho
Alex Wancho<br><strong>BVJ Ticketing<strong>

Board of Directors

Brent Byers
Brent Byers <br><strong>President<strong>
Debbie Schielke
Debbie Schielke<br><strong>Vice President<strong>
Blaine Heck
Blaine Heck <br><strong>Secretary <strong>
Jake Vermeer
Jake Vermeer<br><strong>Treasurer<strong>
Ashley Ness
Ashley Ness<br><strong>Director<strong>
Neil Larson<br><strong>Director<strong>
Norris Sheppard
Norris Sheppard<br><strong>Director<strong>
Cindy Trautman
Cindy Trautman<br><strong>County Representative<strong>
Lana Broker
Lana Broker<br><strong>City Representative<strong>