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The CRE is an excellent choice to host a large festival for a variety of reasons. Located in the heart of Alberta in Camrose, the CRE is known for hosting one of Alberta’s most successful festivals: Big Valley Jamboree (BVJ). In fact, we’ve been the home of BVJ for close to 30 years, and we’re proud of our ability to organize and stage an event that many consider the best country music festival in Canada.

If you’re considering hosting a festival in Alberta, there are numerous benefits to considering the CRE as well as the city of Camrose. We have camping space for thousands of people, a security fence bordering our entire facility, as well as a community of enthusiastic volunteers who love to get involved in staging festivals.

The CRE would be an excellent choice to host a festival in Alberta. Our location is ideally situated on the east end of Camrose, we also offer a strong sense of community, excellent facilities, and comfortable weather that makes the CRE an ideal location for visitors to enjoy a fun-filled and memorable festival experience.

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