The Rural Opportunities Podcast is where we talk about all things rural!

As an agricultural society, we have a long and rich history of rural, community and agriculture involvement. CRE believes in the power of rural communities and that they are vital to the prosperity of our province and beyond. On this podcast, we talk about rural opportunities and challenges and have conversations with the movers and shakers of rural. Thank you for joining us!

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Rural Opportunities Podcast Ep #22 – The Gallery in Holden The Rural Opportunities Podcast

In this episode Michele Mulder joins us to talk about a rural gem, the Gallery in Holden! The Gallery in Holden is a non-profit community organization dedicated to helping rural Albertan artists and crafts-people showcase their works to the public. The Gallery showcases a wide selection of locally produced artwork, wood carving, photographs, hand crafted items, and more! Michele also talks about moving from the city to the village of Holden and the power of volunteers! After this episode you might just want to put Holden on the map for your next road trip!Find the Gallery on Facebook here:


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  • Ep #5 – Young Agrarians – Regenerative Agriculture

    In this episode of the podcast, we had a great conversation with four of the amazing ladies from Young Agrarians . We talked about regenerative agriculture, diversity and inclusiveness in farming and much more. Young Agrarians (YA) is a farmer-to-farmer educational resource network for new and young ecological, organic and regenerative farmers in Canada. TheyRead…

  • Ep #4 – Jake Vermeer – Talk Dairy to Me

    In this episode, we sat down to talk with Jake Vermeer of Vermeer Dairy Ltd. Farming has been in Jake’s family for many generations, so you can be sure he knows the ins and outs of dairy farming. We discuss such things as the environmental impact of dairy farms, milk alternatives, engagements and super cows.Read…

  • Ep #3 – Dianne Finstad – The Two Dianne’s

    In the latest episode of the Rural Opportunities Podcast, our CEO Dianne Kohler interviews Alberta Agriculture national treasure, Dianne Finstad. Join the two Dianne’s for a broad discussion on Agriculture Societies, volunteer boards and the gift of serving. *We apologize in advance for the first bit of audio, we had some technical difficulties this timeRead…

  • Ep #2 – Kevin Van Lagen – Prairie Principal

    In this episode of The Rural Opportunities Podcast, we interview Kevin Van Lagen. Kevin is a principal of two rural schools in Alberta, Altario School and Consort School. He is a leader in the advocacy for rural schools and communities. In this episode, we talk to him about the Agriculture Program at Altario School, andRead…

  • Ep #1 – Don Gregorwich – The Land of Opportunity

    Introducing the Rural Opportunities Podcast, a show that explores the potential and challenges of rural communities. Join host Megan Lethbridge as she engages in conversations with influential figures shaping rural areas. In this episode, Megan interviews Don Gregorwhich, former Reeve of Camrose County, who shares his experiences and insights before retiring. Don discusses the transitionRead…