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When it comes to Trade Shows in Canada, the CRE is extremely proud to be a location of choice for many organizations and companies in Central Alberta and Western Canada. We offer numerous benefits to new customers who are looking to establish a trade show in Canada, and offer opportunities to help businesses grow and expand their own customer base including:   

Showcasing products and services: Organizations can use trade shows to showcase their products and services to potential customers. This is an opportunity to present products or services to a wider audience.

Networking: Trade shows bring together a wide range of stakeholders including other entrepreneurs, marketing and management personnel as well as key decision-makers. This presents an opportunity to network with these stakeholders and form valuable partnerships that can benefit their operations. 

Learning: One of the best ways to gather information is to attend a Trade Show and see firsthand what is trending. Trade shows offer an opportunity to learn about the latest technologies in the industry. This is an opportunity to attend workshops, seminars, and talks presented by experts in the field. 

Market research: Trade shows benefit companies by presenting opportunities to conduct market research by interacting with potential customers and getting feedback on their products and services. This information can help them improve their offerings and tailor them to the needs of their customers.

Brand awareness: Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness. By showcasing their products and services to a wider audience, your organization can attract new customers and increase their market share.

Sales opportunities: Looking for an edge in your sales? Trade shows can generate leads and sales, leading to increased revenue for businesses.

Industry knowledge: Attending trade shows can provide businesses with valuable information on industry developments, emerging technologies, and best practices.

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