FREE-RE Christmas Tree Disposal Event

Another FREE-RE event at CRE! We will be partnering with the City of Camrose Fire Department & Parks Department to help you dispose of that 2020 Christmas Tree.
You will have the choice to have your tree burned or chipped! Ashes from the burnt trees will be used in future CRE Landscaping. Chipped Trees will be used for Landscaping the trails around Camrose.
You are encouraged to offer a donation to the City of Camrose Fire Department’s January cause which is Muscular Dystrophy. Also the CRE Meatnanza tickets will be available for purchase!
Early drop off of trees will be accepted at the CRE grounds starting Monday, January 4th. Drop off can happen anytime between 8am – 4:30pm from Monday – Friday. Donations will be collected in the Administration office.
Burn away 2020 with the CRE and the City of Camrose Fire Deparment!

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