Ep #13 – Lazuli Farms – First Generation Farming

On the latest episode of the Rural Opportunities Podcast, we talk with Kylie Bartman of Lazuli Farms. Kylie, her husband Scott and their three kids are the farmers at Lazuli Farms. A pharmacist and a farmer, Kylie shares with us the journey of Lazuli Farms. She is passionate about community and local food. Lazuli Farms provides you with nutrient-dense pork and beef, tips and tricks on home cooking, and peace of mind about where your food is coming from! Whether you are looking for recipes by joining the Kitchen Club, pork and beef shipped anywhere in Camrose or anywhere in Alberta, or to meet your local farmers at their farm store, Lazuli Farms is the farm for you!

Attached are links for additional information on some of the items discussed in this episode!

Lazuli Farms website: https://lazulifarms.com/

Food Artisans of Camrose County: https://county.camrose.ab.ca/local-food-producers/