Camrose Community Drive In: Madagascar

Update: Date Changed – May 20th

In Compliance with new AHS regulations we are excited to announce that the Camrose Community Drive in is back on!

Movie Announcement: Madagascar

It’s time to have some REEL fun again!

You’re invited to the Camrose Community Drive In – Presented by CRE and proudly sponsored by Fresh Air Cinemas, the City of Camrose, and Wild Rose Co-op. Entry is free to the community!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak there has been a huge loss of community events and the feeling of community spirit. This historic past time experience is an ideal safe distancing event that allows participants to comply with social distancing protocols while coming together as a community.

There are approximately 200 spaces available. Admissions is free, register your spot on eventbrite now!

we hope to see you at the CRE on May 20th!

Thank you to our generous sponsors; Wild Rose Co-op, Fresh Air Cinemas, and the City of Camrose.

Read the full release for more information, and guidelines.

CRE Rules and Regulations:

To ensure the health and safety of all movie goers the guidelines below will be in place and enforced:
1. No bathroom facilities will be available at the CRE.

2. There will be no concession or food service available. Bring your own snacks/drinks with
you and take away your garbage when you leave.

3. Only members of the same household are allowed in the vehicle.

4. All occupants must stay in the car for the entirety of the movie or the vehicle will be
asked to leave. NO you cannot sit in the back of your truck, NO you cannot sit on your
roof and opening your hatch and sitting in the back of the vehicle is not allowed!

5. Participants must have a vehicle. Walk-ins will be asked to leave.

6. Please respect all volunteers working that evening to provide a unique experience for
your family.

AHS Rules and Regulations:

1. The organizer will ensure that ill individuals or those required to self-isolate are not permitted at any drive-in event. Such individuals must remain at home in self-isolation.

2. Drive-in events must minimize the number of people outside of a vehicle. Although 15 people is the absolute maximum, numbers should be limited further when possible. For example, the bride, groom, officiant, witness and person running the technology equipment at a wedding will be the only people outside their vehicles. It’s important to include all of the people at the event when calculating the drive-in event numbers; this includes staff/volunteers involved in security, technology and hosting.

a) All people outside of a vehicle must maintain physical distancing, with the exception of a bride and groom.

3. Cars should pull in to designated, well-marked, parking stalls. In spring/summer, it is reasonable to allow people to have the windows down if cars are parked 2m apart (i.e. park in every second parking spot and have ground markings showing attendees where to park). Hosting an event at night or the evening would minimize people stuck in their cars during the day time heat.

4. One household unit per vehicle. If people share a home, they can share the vehicle. Household units should not be picking up other friends or family for the event.

5. Attendees must stay in their vehicles for the duration of the event.

6. No food or beverage service is allowed. At this time, no drive thru of a permitted facility (e.g. food truck) is allowed because this would likely result in longer events and encourage people to get out of their vehicle and lineup for food and beverage services.

7. No public washrooms should be available and attendees need to be made aware of this through communication from the event organizer. Cars will need to be parked in a format, that should someone need to leave during the event, they can easily do so.

8. Drive-in events must not be longer than 2 hours because there are no washroom facilities and longer drive-in events will encourage attendees to leave the vehicle.

9. AHS shall be notified of time, date, location and mitigation measures in place for the drive-in event.

10. No handouts to attendees are permitted; this includes, but is not limited to: food, diplomas or party favors.

11. A drive thru receiving line for a wedding party should ensure the bride and groom are 2 meters from the passing vehicles. No contact is permitted amongst the hosts and attendees.

12. Organizers must have a security plan in place that will ensure rules are followed, such as no exiting vehicles. For large events, the plan may include onsite monitoring/security. Organizers must ensure all attendees are informed of event rules before the event begins.

Overall Sponsorship Document
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